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Horticultural Sciences Students Club

The Horticultural Sciences Students Club is a non-profit organization that tries to create an environment for students in the Horticultural Sciences department within the University of Florida to meet and interact with one another on a social and intellectual level. The goals of our club shall be achieved through club meetings, social gatherings, fundraising, and seminars on topics related to the field of horticultural sciences.


  • Documents
  • Advisor

    Dr. C. Eduardo Vallejos (

  • Officers

    President / Garden Manager
        Jansen Gedwed (

    Vice President / Garden Manager
        Lyndle Morley (

        Amber Newsome (

        Emily Deruelle (

Mailing Address:
Horticultural Sciences Students Club
2550 Hull Road
P.O. Box 110690
Gainesville, FL 32611

Upcoming Events

Currently, there are no upcoming events.