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GxExM Symposium II (Nov 6-7, 2023)


Following on from the success of the 2022 symposium held in Brisbane, Australia, we are coordinating a second symposium designed to encourage an open and shared understanding of the importance of GxExM interactions for improving the sustainability of cropping system productivity.


Big Issues Seminar (Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2023)


Dr. David Babson is a highly credentialed and connected biochemical engineer with a decade of experience at the energy-climate-sustainability nexus in science policy and funding. He can give us high-level insight into government and other influential thinking about energy and climate policy and funding opportunities. 


Simon Michaux Main Page

Big Issues Seminar (Sept 13-14, 2023)


Dr. Michaux’s experience in mining and industrial recycling in the private sector, government, and academia and his enthusiasm for developing transformative solutions to complex global issues such as natural resource conservation have earned him international recognition. He has many lectures on YouTube.