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Breeding and Genetics

Our research programs in fruit and vegetable breeding and genetics are world-renowned and are the leaders in the development and release of germplasm adapted to subtropical and tropical environments. Scientists involved in breeding and genetics have found the perfect marriage of new technology with traditional breeding to accelerate new variety releases.  Breeders work closely with geneticists and molecular biologists at the University of Florida and with other university-based breeding programs through the UF Plant Breeding Working Group.

Find out about our breeding and genetics programs below:

  • José X. Chaparro - Stone fruit and citrus breeding and genetics
  • Christine D. Chase - Molecular genetics; pollen development; organelle genetics biogenesis and function
  • Manjul Dutt - Citrus improvement
  • Fred Gmitter - Citrus breeding and genetics; seedless variety development, genetic transformation research
  • Jude Grosser - Citrus breeding and genetics; scion and rootstock improvement; somatic hybridization; transformation; and stress tolerance
  • L. Curtis Hannah - Maize molecular genetics and physiology; emphasis on the starch biosynthetic pathway
  • Sam Hutton - Tomato breeding and genetics; disease resistance
  • Harry J. Klee - Genetics of fruit ripening and quality
  • Tong Geon Lee - Genomics; Bioinformatics; Tomato Genetics
  • Donald R. McCarty - Maize genetics
  • Gloria Moore - Citrus fruit improvement for cold tolerance and disease resistance; genetic transformation
  • Patricio R. Munoz - Blueberry breeding and genomics
  • Bala Rathinasabapathi - Capsicum breeding and genetics
  • Marcio Resende - Corn breeding and genomics
  • A. Mark Settles - Signaling in seed development; functional genomics in maize
  • C. Eduardo Vallejos - Bean genetics and genomics
  • Vance Whitaker - Strawberry breeding and genetics; breeding for disease resistance