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Undergraduate Curriculum Options

  • Organic Horticultural Systems - This specialization emphasizes the cultural practices that maintain ecological and economical balance in horticultural crop production systems. This is a flexible option with many electives available to meet education and career objectives. Graduates will be prepared for a range of careers related to conventional, sustainable and organic crop production. See undergraduate catalog for more information.

  • Plant Biotechnology and Improvement - This is a comprehensive program focusing on the molecular aspects of crops, including crop growth, development and cultivar improvement. This specialization is geared toward preparing for careers in laboratory research and is also an excellent preparation for pursuing graduate studies. See undergraduate catalog for more information.

  • Science and Technology of Horticultural Crops - This specialization offers a generalized program, covering growth and development of horticultural crops. This is a flexible option that can be tailored to individual interests and career objectives, ranging from applied production to basic biology. See undergraduate catalog for more information

For more information on the Horticultural Sciences Undergraduate Program, please visit the UF Undergraduate Catalog.

View our undergraduate course listing here: Undergraduate Course List.

Who Do I Contact?

Dr. Tie Liu, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-846-2638 or

Dr. Gerardo Nunez, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4765 or

Dr. Bala Rathinasabapathi, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4847 or

Curtis Smyder, Student Services Coordinator | 352-273-4781 or

Dr. Xin Zhao, Undergraduate Coordinator| 352-273-4773 or