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Undergraduate Course List with Syllabi

*** COURSES NOT OFFERED IN 2021: FRC1010, HOS1014(SS), HOS3222C(S) ***

F=Fall, S=Spring, SS=Summer
FRC 1010
(1 credit)
Growing Fruit for Fun and Profit (Spring F2F)
Growing Fruit for Fun and Profit (Spring Online)
Growing Fruit for Fun and Profit (Summer)
Nunez S, SS
FRC 3212
(3 credits)
Citrus Culture and Production Chaparro
F odd years
FRC 3252
(2 credits)
Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Chaparro F even years
FRC 3274
(3 credits)
Tree and Small Fruit Production Williamson F odd years
FRC 3802
(2 credits)
Viticulture for Table Grapes and Wine Sarkhosh F even years
HOS 1014
(1 credit) 
Vegetable Gardening (Fall F2F)
Vegetable Gardening (Fall Online)
Vegetable Gardening (Summer)
Nunez F, SS
HOS 3020C
(4 credits)
Principles of Horticultural Crop Production Williamson
HOS 3222C
(3 credits)
Greenhouse and Protected Agriculture Quezada S
HOS 3281C
(3 credits)
Principles of Organic and Sustainable Crop Production Zhao F
HOS 3285
(1 credit)
Organic Agriculture Development and Regulations Zhao F
HOS 3305
(3 credits)
Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology Folta F
HOS 3430C
(3 credits)
Nutrition of Horticultural Crops Nunez S
HOS 4241C
(3 credits)
Genetics and Breeding of Vegetable Crops Rathinasabapathi S odd years
HOS 4283C
(3 credits)
Advanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production Zhao S
HOS 4304 
(3 credits)
Horticultural Physiology Nunez F
HOS 4313C
(2 credits)
Laboratory Methods in Plant Molecular Biology Begcy (Environ. Hort.)
HOS 4341
(3 credits)
Advanced Horticultural Physiology Folta S
HOS 4905
(1-6 credits)
Independent Study Staff F, S, SS
HOS 4911
(1-3 credits)
Supervised Research in Horticultural Sciences Staff  F, S, SS
HOS 4915
(1-3 credits)
Honors Thesis Research in Horticultural Sciences Staff  F, S, SS
HOS 4932 
(3 credits)
Field Laboratory for Innovative Vegetable Production Zhao
HOS 4932
(1 credit)
Feeding Martians Paul
HOS 4932
(2 credits)
Breeding and Production of Medicinal Plants and Herbs Kim
T. Liu
HOS 4932 
(1-8 credits)
Special Topics in Horticultural Sciences Staff   F, S, SS
HOS 4933
(1 credit)
Professional Development in Horticulture Dittmar S
HOS 4941
(1-4 credits)
Practical Work Experience Staff   F, S, SS
PLS 3021C
(3 credits)
Hydroponic Systems Nunez
VEC 2100
(3 credits)
World Herbs and Vegetables Rathinasabapathi  F, S
VEC 3221C
(4 credits)
Commercial Vegetable Production Rathinasabapathi  F
WDS 4001
(3 credits)
Organic Weed Management CA Chase S

Who Do I Contact?

Dr. Tie Liu, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-846-2638 or

Dr. Gerardo Nunez, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4765 or

Dr. Bala Rathinasabapathi, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4847 or

Curtis Smyder, Student Services Coordinator | 352-273-4781 or

Dr. Xin Zhao, Undergraduate Coordinator| 352-273-4773 or