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Horticultural Sciences Student Clubs

The Horticultural Sciences department offers many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to develop their leadership skills. Clubs can provide students with both academic and career resources. Students are highly encouraged to join one or more clubs within the department. To find out more about the clubs within the Horticultural Sciences department, visit their organizational websites.

Gator Citrus Club

The Gator Citrus Club is a multidisciplinary club composed of UF students and faculty advisors interested in citrus and other horticultural crops. The primary objective of the Citrus Club is to enhance students' opportunities for learning the diversity of agriculture in other areas of the world and to look for ways of improving our current agricultural practices at home. The Citrus Club currently has members from several different areas of agriculture and includes both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at the University of Florida. To find out more, visit our website.

Horticultural Sciences Students Club

The Horticultural Sciences Students Club is a non-profit organization that tries to create an environment for students in the Horticultural Sciences department within the University of Florida to meet and interact with one another on a social and intellectual level. The goals of our club shall be achieved through club meetings, social gatherings, fundraising, and seminars on topics related to the field of horticultural sciences. To find out more, visit our website.

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Club

The purpose of the Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Club is to provide education through advocating alternative agricultural practices and methods, demonstrating fundamentals of agroecosystems and sustainable food systems to foster the awareness of social and environmental concerns to the University of Florida students and the local community. To find out more, visit our website.

Plant Science Council

The Plant Science Council at the University of Florida was formed by graduate and undergraduate students studying or interested in plant science research and extension. Plant Science Council helps to develop leadership skills of UF students by encouraging them to participate in professional activities such as organizing entirely student-led seminars and workshop series. In addition, it also explores and promotes academic and career resources to help students gain managerial and out of the syllabus experience. To find out more, visit our website.