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Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Plant physiology and biochemistry make up the backbone of successful horticultural production, and our plant physiology/biochemistry research programs cover a range of areas from whole-plant physiology to plant metabolism and enzymology. Collaborations with faculty in several departments university-wide showcase integrated research projects that address important issues in plant physiology and biochemistry.

Find out more about our research programs in plant physiology and biochemistry below:

  • Gilles J. Basset - Systems biology, metabolic biochemistry, biological networks
  • Elias Bassil - Functional genomics; stress physiology, ion homeostasis, endomembrane trafficking
  • Rebecca L. Darnell - Woody plant physiology, nitrogen/iron uptake and assimilation
  • Kevin M. Folta - Functional genomics of small fruit crops; plant transformation, photomorphogenesis and flowering
  • L. Curtis Hannah - Maize molecular genetics and physiology; emphasis on the starch biosynthetic pathway
  • Andrew D. Hanson - Metabolic biochemistry and comparative genomics
  • Jeongim Kim - Plant metabolism and stress physiology
  • Harry J. Klee - Genetics of fruit ripening and quality
  • Karen E. Koch - Physiology and genetics of sugar metabolism, sensing, and partitioning
  • Donald R. McCarty - Maize genetics
  • Bala Rathinasabapathi - Arsenic hyperaccumulation in ferns; metabolic engineering for stress tolerance; stress in biofuel algae
  • Bruce Schaffer - Ecophysiology of subtropical and tropical horticultural crops with emphasis on fruit crops; increasing compatibility between agricultural and natural ecosystems
  • C. Eduardo Vallejos - Bean genetics and genomics