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Horticultural Sciences

Horticultural Sciences

Dr. Jeffrey K. Brecht

Research Foundation Professor

JBrecht 2024

Mailing Address:
Fifield Hall
2550 Hull Road
PO Box 110690
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Office: 1217 Fifield Hall
Phone: (352) 273-4778
Fax : (352) 392-5653

  • Areas of Research
    • Postharvest Physiology
  • Teaching Responsibilities
    • HOS 4332C (Principles of Postharvest Horticulture)
    • HOS 5085C (Principles of Postharvest Horticulture)
    • HOS 6331 (Postharvest Biology)
    • HOS 6934 (Professional Seminar Preparation)
  • Educational Background
    • Ph.D., University of California, Davis, CA (1984)
    • B.S., Whittier College, Whittier, CA (1979)
  • Extension Program
    • Demonstrating the effects of postharvest procedures on maintenance of product quality
    • Extension of postharvest information through presentations at extension and industry meetings
  • Work Experience
    • University of Florida Research Foundation Professor, Postharvest Physiology and Horticulture, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (2002-05 and 2008-11)
    • Professor, Postharvest Physiology and Horticulture, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (1995 to present)
    • Associate Professor, Postharvest Physiology and Horticulture, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (1989 to 1995)
    • Assistant Professor, Postharvest Physiology and Horticulture, Vegetable Crops Department, University of Florida (1984 to 1989)
  • International Experience
    • Invited keynote speaker at conferences in Brazil (2019), China (2014, 2019), Italy (2019), Mexico (2019), and Taiwan (2023)
    • National Mango Board – April 2021-Dec. 2023. Managing a multi-institution, multi-country (US-Brazil-Peru) project, “Demonstrating the Feasibility of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Plus Ethylene Scrubbing for Mangos”
    • Invited keynote speaker at Indian international webinar on “Mango Postharvest” (2021)
    • Instructor on “Postharvest Technology” in Indian Faculty Development Programme, "Emerging Technologies in Postharvest Management and Value Addition of Horticultural Commodities" (2020)
    • International Supervisor, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Institute of Food Science and technology (2019)
    • Visiting Professor, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China (2016)
    • National Mango Board – August 2013-May 2017. Managing a multi-institution, multi-country project to determine the cause of the fruit disorder, corte negro, in collaboration with the mango exporters associations, FME (Ecuador) and APEM (Peru).
    • National Mango Board Outreach Programs in Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Mexico, and Peru; 2011-19.
  • Honors and Awards
    • Honorary Member of the Florida State Horticultural Society, 2014
    • University of Florida Research Foundation Professor, 2008 (previously named in 2002)
    • Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 2006.
    • Outstanding Extension Materials Award, Video Category, ASHS, 2006, for "Worker Health and Hygiene Training Manual for Florida Produce Industry."
  • Program Personnel
    • Moshe Doron, Senior Biologist
    • Yuru Chang, Ph.D. Graduate Student
    • Faisal Shahzad, Postdoctoral Associate
    • Dr. Afiya John, Visiting Scientist, Univ. West Indies

Selected Publications

(See also: Google Scholar)

Authors Year Title / Description Publication

Brecht, J.K., A. Plotto, A. Marín-Gozalbo, and R. Goodrich 


Fresh-Cut Mango Best Management Practices Manual. 

HS1443. UF/IFAS, Gainesville, FL. 31 p. 

Brecht, J.K., M.A. Ritenour, M.A. Olmstead, A. Sarkhosh, J.X. Chaparro, J.A. Bartz, S.A. Sargent, and J. Van Sickle 


Harvesting and Postharvest Handling of Stonefruit in Florida. 

HS1459. UF/IFAS, Gainesville, FL. 68 p. 

Chang, L. and J.K. Brecht


Responses of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)−treated banana fruit to pre− and post−treatment ethylene exposure. coating: the role of internal modified atmosphere. 

Sci. Hort. 309:111636 

Ghimire, U., E. Pliakoni, F. Yu, J.K. Brecht, and T. Liu 


Identifying genes regulated during natural, on-plant senescence in broccoli (Brassica oleracea) in contrast to postharvest senescence. 

Postharvest Biol. Technol. 206:112535 14 p. 

Shahzad, F. T. Vashisth, M.A.Ritenour, and J.K.Brecht 


Huanglongbing disease symptoms and the postharvest quality of ‘LB8-9’ (Sugar Belle®) and ‘Tango’ mandarins as affected by ethylene treatment. 

Scientia Horticulturae 310:111766, 10 p., 

Yahia, E.M., J. de J. Ornelas-Paz, J.K. Brecht, P. Garcia-Solis, and M.E.Maldonado Celis 


The contribution of mango fruit (Mangifera indica L.) to human nutrition and health. 

Arabian J. Chemistry 16:104860 27 p. 

Ahlawat, Y., S. Li, P.R. Timilsena, E.D. Pliakoni, J.K. Brecht, and T. Liu 


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Postharvest Biol. Technol. 183:111729, 13 p. 

Chang, L., S.A. Sargent, J. Kim and J.K. Brecht. 


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Frontiers in Plant Science-Crop and Product Physiology. 13:966789, 12 p. 

Chang Y., P.F. Harmon, D.D. Treadwell, D. Carrillo, A. Sarkhosh, J.K. Brecht. 


Biocontrol potential of essential oils in organic horticulture systems: From farm to fork. 

Frontiers in Nutrition. 8:805138, 26 p. 

Marin, A., E.A. Baldwin, J. Bai, D. Wood, C. Ference, X. Sun, J.K. Brecht, and A. Plotto 


Edible coatings as carriers of antibrowning compounds to maintain appealing appearance of fresh-cut fresh-cut mango. 

HortTechnology 31:27-35. 

Shahkoomahally, S., A. Sarkhosh, L.M. Richmond-Cosie, and J.K. Brecht 


Physiological responses and quality attributes of muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx) to CO2-enriched atmosphere storage. 

Postharv. Biol. Technol. 173, 111428 

Spricigo, P.C., T. Padua de Freitas, E. Purgatto, M. D. Ferreira, D. Souza Correa, J. Bai, and J.K. Brecht 


Visually imperceptible mechanical damage of harvested tomatoes changes ethylene production, color, enzyme activity, and volatile compounds profile. 

Postharv. Biol. Technol. 176, 111503 

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