Horticultural Sciences

Horticultural Sciences


Our top-rated teaching program offers students the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or a Ph.D. degree.  We offer a diverse array of courses and curricula options so that students at all levels can benefit from individual, well-designed programs of study. Our courses are taught by experienced faculty who bring their expertise into the classroom and lab and make learning exciting and relevant.

Who Do I Contact?

Dr. Gerardo Nunez, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4765 or g.nunez@ufl.edu

Dr. Xin Zhao, Undergraduate Advisor | 352-273-4773 or xzin@ufl.edu

Dr. C. Eduardo Vallejos, Graduate Coordinator | 352-273-4845 or vallejos@ufl.edu

Curtis Smyder, Student Services Coordinator | 352-273-4781 or curtisr@ufl.edu