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Horticultural Sciences

Horticultural Sciences

Dr. Tie Liu

Undergraduate Advisor and Assistant Professor

Mailing Address:
Fifield Hall
2550 Hull Road
PO Box 110690
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Office: 1213 Fifield Hall
Phone: (352) 846-2638

  • Areas of Research

    I use genetics, genomics, and systems biology tools to explore the mechanisms on how transcriptional regulators integrate environmental cues and interact with signaling pathways to modulate plant growth. My research focus is on the study of postharvest biology of broccoli senescence and potato tuber dormancy for the improvement of agronomic properties.

  • Educational Background

    2009-2018. Postdoc and Research Scientist
    Stanford University. Mentor, Dominique Bergmann.
    Carnegie Institution at Stanford University. Mentor, Kathryn Barton

    2009. Ph.D. Peking University and Yale University Joint Program Mentor, Xing-Wang Deng, Timothy Nelson, Li-Jia Qu

Selected Publications

AuthorsYearTitle / DescriptionPublication
Liu T, Longhurst A, Talavera-Rauh F, Hokin S, and Barton MK. 2016 The Arabidopsis transcriptional repressor ABIG1 relays ABA signaled inhibition of growth and drought induced senescence. eLife. 5, e13768.
Reinhart B, Liu T, Huang T, Kerstetter R and Barton MK. 2013 Establishing a framework for the ad/abaxial regulatory network of Arabidopsis: ascertaining targets of class III HOMEODOMAIN LEUCINE ZIPPER and KANADI regulation. The Plant Cell 25, 3228-3249. 
Liu T, Reinhart B, Magnani E, Huang T, Kerstetter R and Barton MK.  2013 Of blades and branches: understanding and expanding the Arabidopsis ad/abaxial regulatory network by target gene identification. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology Volume LXXVII 77, 31-45.  
Brandt R, Salla-Martret M, Bou-Torrent J, Musielak, M Stahl T, Lanz C, Ott F, Schmid M, Greb T, Schwarz T, Sang-Bong C, Barton MK, Reinhart B, Liu T, Quint M, Jean-Christophe P, Martínez-García J, and Wenkel S. 2012 Genome-wide binding site analysis of REVOLUTA reveals a link between leaf patterning and light-mediated growth responses. The Plant Journal 72(1), 31-42.
Liu T, Tausta S, Gandotra N, Nelson T. 2012 Rice seed development: a cornerstone for cereal crops. Seed Development: OMICS technologies toward improvement of seed quality and crop yield.
Liu T, Ohashi-Ito K, Bergmann D. 2009 The rice orthologues of Arabidopsis thaliana stomata bHLH genes FAMA and MUTE have functions in grass stomata formation. Development 136, 2265-2276.
Liu T*, Liu S * (*Co-first author), Guan H, Ma L, Chen Z, Gu H and Qu L. 2009 Expression profiling analysis of the effect of heavy metal lead (Pb) on Arabidopsis. Environmental and Experimental Botany 67, 377-386.
Jiao Y*, Tausta S *, Gandotra N *, Sun N *, Liu T* (*Co-first author), Clay N, Chen M, Li N, Holford M, Ma L, Zhao H, Deng X and Nelson T.  2009 A transcriptome atlas of rice cell types reveals plant cellular hierarchies. Nature Genetics 41, 258-263.
Nelson T, Tausta S, Gandotra N, Liu T, Ceserani T, Chen M, Jiao Y, Ma L, Deng X, Sun X, Holfold M, Li N, Sun N and Zhao H. 2008 The promise of systems biology for deciphering the control of C4 leaf development: transcriptome profiling of leaf cell types. Book chapter, Charting New Pathways To C4 Rice. World Scientific 317-332.
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