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Dr. Xin Zhao

Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Fifield Hall
2550 Hull Road
PO Box 110690
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Office: 1235 Fifield Hall
Phone: (352) 273-4773

  • Areas of Research
    • Organic and integrated vegetable cropping systems
    • Nutrient management for organic production
    • Vegetable grafting
    • High tunnel vegetable systems
    • Anaerobic soil disinfestation
    • Vegetable quality attributes as affected by pre-harvest factors
  • Teaching Responsibilities
    • HOS 3020 "Principles of Horticultural Crop Production"
    • HOS 3281C "Principles of Organic and Sustainable Crop Production"
    • HOS 3285 "The Organic Debate: Organic Agriculture Development and Regulations"
    • HOS 4283C "Advanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production"
    • Undergraduate research and independent study
  • Educational Background
    • Ph.D. – Horticulture, Kansas State University (2006)
    • M.S.  – Horticulture, Shenyang Agricultural University (2001)
    • B.S. – Horticulture, Shenyang Agricultural University (1998)
  • Work Experience
    • Professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (July 2020 to present)
    • Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (July 2013 to June 2020)
    • Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida (June 2007 to June 2013)
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation  Resources, Kansas State University (September 2006-May 2007)
  • Honors and Awards
    • University of Florida Term Professorship Award. 2019
    • University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Innovation in Teaching Award. 2019
    • University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Roche Teaching Scholar. 2018.
    • North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teacher Fellow. 2014
  • Program Personnel
    • Biological Scientist:
      • Zack Black
    • Current Graduate Students:
      • Craig Frey (DPM)
      • Tian Gong (Ph.D.)
      • Jianyu Li (Ph.D.)
      • Shufang Tian (Ph.D.)
      • Isaac Vincent (Ph.D.)
      • Carley Jordana (M.S.)
    • Former Graduate Students
      • Sylvia Willis (M.S. 2019)
      • Craig Frey (M.S. 2018)
      • Qianru Liu (M.S. 2016)
      • Yushen Huang (M.S. 2016)
      • Wenjing Guan (Ph.D. 2014)
      • Ruhiyyih A. Dyrdahl-Young (M.S. 2014)
      • Shuan Hao Teo (M.S. 2013)
      • Desire Djidonou  (Ph.D. 2012)
      • Charles Barrett (M.S. 2011)
    • Former Postdoctoral Associates
      • Bodh Paudel
      • Haichao Guo
      • Laila Khandaker
    • Current and Former Visiting Scholars
      • Mariangie Ramos
      • Yaqin Ma
      • Nusrat Firdous
      • Michele Colaluce
      • Xinhong Dong
      • Yanyin Guo
      • Asif Latif
      • Tingyou Li
      • Yufan Tang
      • Guixia Wang
      • Zhongdong Wang
      • Xuelian Zhang

Selected Publications

(See also: Google Scholar)

AuthorsYearTitle / DescriptionPublication
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