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Stone Fruit

Stone Fruit

Marketing and Economics of Production

Florida MarketMaker

Florida MarketMaker is a FREE resource and service of the Florida Cooperative Extension and sponsored by a multitude of organizations that facilitate more effective marketing campaigns for enterprises from farm-to-fork, and everywhere in between.

When you REGISTER with MarkerMaker, your customized business profile is available for consumers to access via powerful search features, wherever they are.  MarketMaker’s tools allow you to visualize and CONNECT with retailers, consumers, distributors, and other food supply chain participants by accessing information via a dynamic search and map system and through marketplace forums.  Your business can SUCCEED in marketing its products with these features as well as through additional opportunities such as the monthly Business Spotlight, Taste of Florida, Now in Season, and Recipes.

Establishment and Production Costs for Peach Orchards in Florida:

Current Market Conditions

The current peach market conditions can be found at USDA Fruit and Vegetable News.

Southeast Region Production Budgets

Both Mississippi and Georgia have established budgets for the Southeast Region; however please keep in mind that costs to apply chemicals for certain diseases will not be applicable in Florida, specifically brown rot management.