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Space Plants Lab

Space Plants Lab

Recent Publications 


Transcriptomic dynamics in the transition from ground to space are revealed by Virgin Galactic human-tended suborbital spaceflight. Ferl, R., Zhou, M., Strickland, H., Haveman, N., Callaham, J., Bandla, S., Ambriz, D., Paul, AL. npj Microgravity 9(1). (2023).

 Advancing the automation of plant nucleic acid extraction for rapid diagnosis of plant diseases in space. Haveman, N., Schuerger, A., Yu, PL., Brown, M., Doebler, R., Paul, AL., Ferl, R. Frontiers in Plant Science 14. (2023).

Integrative transcriptomics and proteomics profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana elucidates novel mechanisms underlying spaceflight adaptation. Olanrewaju, G., Haveman, N., Naldrett, M., Paul, AL., Ferl, R., Wyatt, S. Frontiers in Plant Science 14. (2023).


Plants grown in Apollo lunar regolith present stress-associated transcriptomes that inform prospects for lunar exploration. Paul, AL., Elardo, S.M. & Ferl, R. Communications Biology 5(1). (2022).

Utilizing the KSC Fixation Tube to Conduct Human-Tended Plant Biology Experiments on a Suborbital Spaceflight. Haveman, N., Zhou, M., Callaham, J., Strickland, H., Houze, D., Manning-Roach, S., Newsham, G., Paul, AL., Ferl, R., Life 12, 1871 (2022)

Single-molecule long-read methylation profiling reveals regional DNA methylation regulated by Elongator Complex Subunit 2 in Arabidopsis roots experiencing spaceflight. Zhou, M., Gauthier, M., Kladde, M., Ferl, R., Paul, AL. bioRxiv. (2022)

Plant Biology and a New Approach to Space Farming. Haveman, N. Ferl, R. Paul, AL. In-Space Manufacturing and Resources: Earth and Planetary Applications, Chapter 4 Pages 67-87. (2022)

Vegetable Health Challenges in Extraterrestrial Production. Schuerger, A., Wheeler, R., Levine, H., Paul, AL., Ferl, R., Handbook of Plant Disease Management. (2022)

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