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Biochemical Genetics Lab

Biochemical Genetics Lab

About Our Lab

Jeongim Kim

Dr. Jeongim Kim - Principal investigator

Dr. Kim is an assistant professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department and a member of the Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (PMCB) graduate program. She received her PhD at Purdue University studying auxin biosynthesis and plant abiotic stress physiology. During her post-doctoral training at Purdue, she studied phenylpropanoid biosynthesis and engaged in several projects aiming to increase biofuel production. She is interested in understanding molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic networks integrating plant stress responses and growth. Google Scholar

Lab Overview

Research in Dr. Kim’s lab is focused on understanding the biosynthesis of plant-based natural products and their regulation. In particular, we are interested in compounds beneficial for human health and plant growth or stress adaptation. Our research goal is to enhance stress tolerance and nutritional value in plants. We use a model system Arabidopsis, economically essential crops including tomato and maize, and medicinal plants including Scutellaria. If you are interested in joining the Biochemical Genetics Lab, contact us.