Horticultural Sciences

Horticultural Sciences

Courtesy and Emeritus Faculty Directory

The following faculty members are not available for graduate student assistantship requests.

Courtesy Professors

Name Title Location E-mail Address
Bass, Hank Courtesy Assistant Professor FSU bass@bio.fsu.edu
Bausher, Michael G. Courtesy Assistant Professor USDA Ft. Pierce michael.bausher@ars.usda.gov
Brovelli, Ernesto Courtesy Professor Coca-Cola Company ebrovelli@na.ko.com
Campbell, Richard Courtesy Assistant Professor Fairchild Tropical Garden  
Dusky, Joan A. Courtesy Associate Professor Gainesville jadu@ifas.ufl.edu
Gusmini, Gabriele Courtesy Assistant Professor Syngenta Seeds, Inc gabriele.gusmini@earthlink.net
Gutierrez, Osman A. Courtesy Professor USDA-ARS Miami osman.gutierrez@ars.usda.gov
Levine, Howard G. Courtesy Professor NASA KSC Howard.G.Levine@nasa.gov
Lu, Jiang Courtesy Professor Tallahassee, FL, Florida A&M jiang.lu@famu.edu
McCollum, T. Greg Courtesy Associate Professor USDA Ft. Pierce greg.mccollum@ars.usda.gov
Moretti, Celso Courtesy Professor Embrapa, Brazilian Agricultural
Research Corporation
Nunes, Maria Cecilia Courtesy Assistant Professor Gainesville CNunes@ifas.ufl.edu
Schnell, Raymond J. Courtesy Professor USDA Homestead ray.schnell@ars.usda.gov
Stover, Ed Courtesy Professor USDA Ft. Pierce Ed.Stover@ARS.USDA.GOV
Stutte, Gary W. Courtesy Associate Professor Dynamac Corp., KSC Gary.W.Stutte@nasa.gov
Wheeler, Raymond Courtesy Professor Kennedy Space Center Raymond.M.Wheeler@nasa.gov
Yahia, Elhadi Courtesy Professor Autonomous University of Queretaro yahia@uaq.mx
Yorio, Neil C. Courtesy Associate Dynamac Corp., KSC niel.c.yorio@nasa.gov

Emeritus Professors

Name Title Location E-mail Address
Bassett, Mark Professor Emeritus Gainesville majuba@ufl.edu
Cantliffe, Daniel J. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Gainesville djcant@ufl.edu
Cline, Kenneth C. Professor Emeritus Gainesville kcline@ufl.edu
Crocker, Timothy E. Professor Emeritus Gainesville No e-mail
Davenport, Thomas L. Associate Professor Emeritus TREC Homestead tldav@ifas.ufl.edu
Davies, Frederick S. Professor Emeritus Gainesville fsd@ufl.edu
Dusky, Joan Professor Emeritus Gainesville jadu@ufl.edu
Ferguson, James Professor Emeritus Gainesville jjfn@ufl.edu
Hannah, Curt Professor Emeritus Gainesville lchannah@ufl.edu
Huber, Donald J. Professor Emeritus Gainesville djhuber@ufl.edu
Kostewicz, Steve R. Associate Professor Emeritus Gainesville srk@ifas.ufl.edu
Litz, Richard E. Professor Emeritus TREC Homestead relitz@ufl.edu
Locascio, Sal J. Professor Emeritus Gainesville sjl@ifas.ufl.edu
Lyrene, Paul Professor Emeritus Gainesville lyrene@ufl.edu
Moore, Gloria Professor Emeritus Gainesville gamoore@ufl.edu
Olson, Steve M. Professor Emeritus NFREC Quincy smolson@ufl.edu
Sherman, Wayne B. Professor Emeritus Gainesville wbs@ifas.ufl.edu
Stall, WIlliam M. Professor Emeritus Gainesville wms@ifas.ufl.edu
Stephens, James M Professor Emeritus Gainesville jmst@ufl.edu
Stoffella, Pete J. Professor Emeritus IRREC Ft. Pierce pjs@ufl.edu
Syversten, James P. Professor Emeritus CREC Lake Alfred jmsn@ufl.edu
Vavrina, Charles Professor Emeritus SWFREC Immokalee bobcat4f@ufl.edu
Vasil, Indra Graduate Research Professor Emeritus Gainesville ivasil@ufl.edu
Vasil, Vimla Scientist Emeritus Gainesville vvasil@ufl.edu