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Cold Hardy Citrus

Cold Hardy Citrus


During the last two decades there has been renewed interest in cold hardy citrus (CHC) in the Southeast US – throughout the Florida Panhandle, Eastern Alabama, and Southern Georgia. All these areas are blessed with rich soil, coupled with warm summers and cool spring and fall weathers enabling them to produce high production of good quality sweet citrus for fresh market. According to the north Florida Cold Hardy Citrus Association, and Georgia Citrus Association there are 7,000 acres approximately under CHC for the fresh market in North FL, Eastern AL and Southern GA, and these acreages are continuously increasing, and it would be big fresh market citrus industry in next 5-6 years.

Cold Hardy Citrus research & extension program at UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center, Quincy is focused to develop a sustainable and profitable Cold Hardy Citrus industry in Southern US by conducting research-driven extension projects. We collaborate with various UF/IFAS stations and several multi-county extension agents around the state along with in Alabama, and Georgia to address establishment and production issues in cold hardy citrus production. We are also disseminating research results and improvements in Cold Hardy Citrus production with the goal of establishing a sustainable citrus industry for fresh market. We welcome growers' feedback and industry participation.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Evaluating UF950 on different rootstocks
  • 914 Pummelo Grapefruit Hybrid Evaluation for Fresh Market Production in North Florida
  • Nitrogen Management in Cold Hardy Citrus Production in North Florida
  • Developing site-specific N and P rates for young and mature Cold Hardy Citrus Production in north Florida
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